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So long, sweet summer. 

I can’t say the rising temperatures have departed, but I will say my wonderful, beautiful, care-free summer is officially over. I started my MSW a few weeks ago, and although I’m loving it- I can’t deny the bittersweet feelings I have over the end to such a magnificent few months. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this is an outfit I lived in all summer. I rocked it at Bonnaroo, and every chance I got to be at the pool. It’s a care-free look I was seeing everywhere at music festivals for the past few years, and was mustering up the courage to wear. This summer was definitely all about mid drifts and high waisted shorts. I had conquered the crop top, I had frolicked in short shorts- but I still worried about the way my stomach would look when paired together. Although I strive to be a rad fattie all the time- it’s still hard to remind yourself you are worthy of wearing anything that makes you feel good in a world that tells you that you’re not. Luckily all it took was some courage (which, for me, consisted of walking across a field of thousands of people in just this bathing suit and proclaiming I had “reached an optimum level of giving no fucks”), and finally finding (or someone just finally making) the right fit for me to fall in love. I also got a lot of confidence from seeing so many other stunning fat girls rock the look, too. Props to all you bold, inspiring fatties! I adore you all. 

Oh! And I dyed my hair purple ombre! 

Bikini top & bottoms, and kaftkan: Forever 21+

Shorts: Torrid

Sunnies: Thrifted 

Outfit of the Day: Bright Bloom 

I’m one of those weirdos who loves the summer heat. I love the ease of throwing on light clothing, baring my skin to the warmth of the sun, and watching my yard become an unruly ecosystem of greenery, animals, full of buzzing bees in the day and singing crickets and frogs at night. I will say, this is my first successful garden ever by my own hand. I remember all five senses being hit with the beauty, smells, sounds, touch, and taste of the gardens my mom planted every year. I was never able to get anything fruitful nor did I ever have the space to create such a sanctuary before, so it is particularly special to me to do now that I have my own place with my hubs. There is nothing more satisfying than making something from nothing. Watching sunflowers grow above my head, picking fresh jalapeños for cooking, and mint for a mojito are staples of this particularly hot summer that I will always remember. 

As for fashion, my closet has been accumulating crop tops of all kinds for awhile now, and they take up their own little section I am pretty proud of. If you had asked me years ago if I would be walking out of my house baring my belly, beautifully and unapologetically- I would of called you crazy. I guess we all have things that we dare to try and love. If we cultivate a love for ourselves just as we are now, there’s no telling what kind of things will bloom from that self- acceptance. 

Skirt: Gwynnie Bee (Size up!)

Crop top: F21

Jewelry: F21

Sandals:  DSW

Outfit of the Day: Mad (Wo)men

When having to dress up, I really love going trendy modern, or vintage classic. This dress definitely has a vintage-y feel, urging me to don an up do and heels. I’ve been on the job hunt since graduation, and realized I didn’t have a lot of interview-savvy things in my closet post-bachelor’s. It’s been mostly jeans, tanks, oversized sweaters, and sundresses the past few years. Thankfully, Gwynnie Bee comes to the rescue! I’m able to rotate out different looks with high end pieces, without paying the high end price. I also have multiples to wear on different interviews, making me perpetually fancy and business savvy! 

This dress in particular runs a little big, and the length was slightly longer than I was hoping for. Also, the fabric is heavily lined, which gives to that expensive look and feel, but can be kind of hot in the summer! I think sized down, it is a 60’s housewife inspired dream! 

Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Belt: Lane Bryant

Sunglasses: Asos 

Shoes: Thrifted. Similar here. 

Outfit of the Day: Kaftans & Crop Tops 

Summer festival season is officially over for me with the end of Bonnaroo, but the summer is just starting to heat up. Seriously, you guys. It’s hot. This is pretty much my go-to silhouette this year. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw I wore a bare bones version of this outfit at Roo last weekend. I was always too nervous to wear shorts like this, but threw caution to the wind this year. Mostly because it’s really warm, shorts are comfortable, and I bought a lot of cute crop tops. I especially loved the look with a free-flowing kaftan over it. I worried it would feel too hot, but it was so lightweight and breezy, that it was a perfect piece.

These dark denim shorts are to die for! They’re another great find through the new pairing of Gwynnie Bee with NYDJ. I’m loving the collaboration between the two! If you haven’t tried renting from GB yet, I’d definitely try it just to give this denim a chance.They’re a great length, are high waisted in all the right ways, and are comfortable too. I really like these for showing some on-trend but always pushing the envelope for a fat girl tummy skin, but they’re really great under a full-length shirt as well. When I saw them on GB I got way too excited. I’m always looking for a great pair of shorts that fit well and look great. I went so many years in the summer heat shorts-less, cutting up old thrifted jeans. I’m always so happy and heart warmed to find shorts made for my body type. Highly recommend! 

Top: Similar here.

Shorts: Gwynnie Bee

Sunnies: Asos

Outfit of the Day: Graduating Class 

I did it! It was a lot of reading, writing, learning, and growing… and I finally graduated! I received a BA in Psychology with a minor in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I couldn’t be more happy or more proud of myself. I am the very first person in my entire family line to graduate college. It was a humbling and amazing experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. I feel so lucky that I got to go to such a diverse college in with such wonderful professors. Not to mention being in a bustling city with such a crazy, interesting, and fun student body, a few of which are now my very close friends. I am a completely different person than I was when I started college, and I am forever grateful for it. 

Now… onto the clothes! This little number is from eShakti. It is my first dress from them, and let me tell you- I am in love! The minute I saw the cut, flow, and rich fabric when I received my order, I gasped. I knew I had to hold off and wear it for graduation. It is such a special dress, so I had to wear it on a special day! This dress was really comfortable and incredibly well made. It fit great and I felt great in it. I loved the outlined bust, and the way the skirt flowed. The hemline was absolutely perfect on me, but I am pretty tall so it might be a great mid-length on average height people. The great thing about eShakti is that they make so many beautiful pieces for so many difference sizes, and they can all be made specifically to your measurements! They do sizes 0-36. I mean, how cool is that?! I love anything customizable and who cater to ALL plus sizes. Not to mention that everything on the site is completely drool-worthy and stylish. Seriously. It’s too good. I want everything. 

Dress: eShakti

Shoes: Similar here.

Necklace: Similar here.

Outfit of the Day: New Things in Spring

Ahh! It was warm this weekend! The trees are blooming, and it’s starting to get green. What is even more exciting is I get to pull out and start enjoying the things I’ve been hoarding away in my closet all winter! So I went all in, and pulled out some flowery boho pieces to celebrate. I felt like I was blooming right along with the rest of the world. 

Another new thing- I’m wearing jeans! If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know I’m sort of anti-pant. No one has mastered the art of the nice fitting jeans when it comes to my body shape as far as I’m concerned. So when Gwynnie Bee asked me to preview their new jean line that launched today, I was skeptical. I got a few pairs to try and to my absolute shock- I loved all of them! The new line is by NYDJ, which I had heard of but never tried. Can I just say- WOW. These are the comfiest pair of jeans I’ve put on. They are true to size, they have a perfect amount of stretch, so they are snug but not uncomfortable or legging-ish. I wore them the whole day and didn’t feel uncomfortable once! Usually I’m pulling and tugging at jeans, or dealing with them getting baggy throughout the day. These didn’t cause any of that, and looked as good in the morning as they did when I got home. I’m so glad I got to borrow them and give them a shot by renting through GB, but I might have to “try and buy” these babies! They’re really a great find. I will say, if you’re a tall girl- to go with the ankle pant (shown here on me as a capri! Haha.) I’m 5’11”, so you can see where these came up to on me. The legging jean is also a good find that looks nice as a cropped pant on us super tall people, but I’ll show you that later this week. :) 

So put some NYDJ in your GB closet and give them a shot! And if you haven’t signed up for Gwynnie Bee yet, they are still giving away free 30 day trials, along with tons of contests and prizes for more free fashion fun! 

Jeans: NYDJ via Gwynnie Bee

Top: F21- Similar here.

Sandals: DSW- Similar here.

Flower Crown: F21

Sunnies: Asos

Outfit of the Day: So Much Heart

I don’t like to think of myself in New Girl terms, but sometimes it’s hard when you “rock a lot of polkadots” and wear semi-themed outfit. But whatever. It’s cute and I’m proud and I don’t care! So, this is obviously what I wore for Valentine’s Day.
The hubs and I just went to one of our favorite restaurants for dinner and drinks, (nothing too fancy) so I just wanted to look cute and casual. It was actually not freezing for once, so I took full advantage and wore my recently ordered Asos dress just for the occasion! I got lots of compliments on it. I was glad I was wearing something comfortable, because we ended up drinking and talking the whole night until the restaurant closed, just like on our first date! :) 

Dress: Asos

Belt: LB

Leggings: LB

Boots:  Kohl’s

Purse: Target

House to Home: Updating the Old Place. 

Since it’s been so cold and snowing (which is crazy for Atlanta- as I’m sure you’ve heard) I have been stuck in my house much more than usual. This has lead to me becoming one of those crazy people who watches HGTV and is constantly on furniture websites and DIY blogs. My husband and I have never really had a nice house like this before, nor have we been able to furnish by picking out our own pieces. We’ve been moving the same hand-me-downs into weird little rentals for years. So when we moved into my old childhood home, I knew I wanted to really make it look different from how it did when I was a kid, and I wanted to really make it our place. Here are a few of the somewhat finished areas of the downstairs that we just finished. (If you’ve ever re-done your house, you know it’s kind of never fully finished!) I’m bummed I did not take “before” pictures, as it looked completely different! 

My husband and I really wanted a homey, grown-up feel but with lots of whimsy and fun (we’re kind of hippies at heart, if you can’t tell.) We had inherited so much stuff that was black, white, and red- which was great for a few years, but we really wanted to add a lot of color into our super-beige and neutral house. 

Where I got some pieces:

Living Room: Rug, coffee table and map art are all from overstock.com. The couches are super comfy, and from Rooms-To-Go scracth & dent. The new built-in bookshelves and the funky accent chair are from Ikea. Pillows, blanket, curtains, and red table all on sale at Target. The rest is from Homegoods, thrifted, and random finds. 

Eat-in kitchen: My husband made our farmhouse table, and I stained and painted it. A Pinterest success! The chairs are Ikea, and the baker’s rack is Target. 

Foyer: The art was a wedding gift, and the sticks are my wedding centerpieces repurposed! The mirror is from Pier One, and the red cabinet is Target as well. 

If you have any questions or comments feel free to message me or comment below! I will be doing more DIY projects and renovations in the coming months. If you want to keep up, I post a lot of my projects on Instagram! You can also stay up to date on Facebook and see what ideas I’ve got coming up in my Pinterest boards. :)

Outfit of the Day: Sparkling NYE

Oh my gosh these photos are so late! I apologize. I’ve already started my last semester of my bachelor’s and am crazy busy. It is definitely one of my resolutions to blog a heck of a lot more, and I will be doing my best to post bi-weekly! 

So to the outfit! This dress is something I impulse bought during a sale last year at Lane Bryant, and then suddenly had the perfect event for it- throwing a New Year’s Eve party at my new(ish) digs with all my favorite people! I wanted the classic New Year’s sparkle, but in a comfortable silhouette. I didn’t really want to go super fancy, but more of a dressed up house party vibe. I paired it with my usual leggings and some awesome boots from Torrid, and partied the night away! 

Dress: Lane Bryant

Leggings: Lane Bryant (they’re my favorite!)

Boots: Torrid

Jewelry: Betsey Johnson

Favorite blog looks of 2013

Wow, what an amazing year it’s been!  It flew by so fast, and so much changed. I had a really amazing year, full of learning, lots of love, tons of hard work, and hair dye, apparently. I think this year I really solidified my style, all while branching out and trying new things. I feel more like myself now than ever. I think maybe becoming more comfortable in myself, and my own life has really started to become reflected in my clothing choices. Figuring out what you like out of trends and what works for you becomes much easier when you know what you truly love, and it also makes it a lot easier to push yourself into new territory when you have the confidence to know you love what you love, and can rock it with the best of them. This was definitely a year where I did not let my size hold me back from anything. And I never will again! 

My resolution for this blog is obviously, to blog more. I want to show a true variation in my style- the super casual and the cute dresses. I have a hard femme side that doesn’t make it on here often, along with a boho side and a super girly side. I want to showcase it all in a more frequent fashion. I also want to get more personal, and really take the time to answer reader’s questions and connect with you all! I would also like to add in make up and hair tutorials, and possibly add in a video channel. What do you think? What would you like to see on the blog in 2014?

Here’s to pushing further, experiencing new things, and lots of love in 2014!