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Outfit of the Day: Every Girl’s Got a Little Pin-Up!

I love the look of pin-up, retro inspired pieces! I think we’ve really seen an increase in these sort of silhouettes in the past couple years. Perhaps it never really went away! I think it is a way to really embrace curves and femininity. It’s all about creating a voluptuous shape to your outfit, and flaunting your sexiness! What more could you ask for? That’s always in style. :)

I wore this over the weekend, as its been what is called here in the south a “blackberry winter.” It’s been far too warm to be February! So please excuse my blinding paleness! Haha. I really love the (other) colors of this look. The dress is such a deep, rich, royal blue, which could really go with anything. I decided to put it with greens and purples for a Spring-inspired look. (Including my nails! Obsessed with the sea foam green & hearts!) I really love the material of the dress, and the skirt just begs to be played with, as you can see! I felt super flirty and fun & got lots of compliments! 

Dress: c/o Collectif

Cardi: Target $20

Belt: Target $15

Shoes: DSW $45

Sunglasses: Avenue $5

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    Loving the colors. Chubbysgirl.tumblr.com
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