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Outfit of the Day: TUMMY LIBERATION! 

So those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile know that one of my goals is to push the standard of what a plus size women are “supposed” to wear. I know that my body is political, even if I don’t want it to be. People will always have an opinion on what you wear. All the more reason to rock whatcha got and screw what they think! One of my goals I have been pushing for myself is to be more bold in the way of skin and what parts of my body are “okay” to show. Of course, my tummy being the biggest hurdle. I spent SO many years trying to cover it up, and other chunky parts of my body. It feels really freeing to wear things that show it. I started with sheers, then went to lace, and now… my first bikini. The last time I wore a bikini I was five years old, and I remember being told I was too chunky to wear one. I was five! So, twent years later, I give those people the finger with my fabulous self! (You should too!)

This look is lovingly called in the fatosphere- a fatkini! I wanted one so bad last summer and wasn’t able to find things in my size. Luckily, several retailers including Pinup Girl Clothing, Torrid, Evans, Monif C, and (shockingly) Land’s End picked right up on our want for gorgeous two pieces. I love the high waisted bottoms with the pin-up inspired top. It’s really comfortable and both fit better than expected! Really happy with them. I know I don’t have a model body, or hell, even a “plus size” model body. I think anyone can rock these! I actually feel prettier in this than any one pieces I’ve ever put on. 

I have to say I searched the ends of the internet for over a year for the perfect pieces. I sporadically looked for an inexpensive high waisted bottom and a top that was adorable but thick enough in the back to help with my tatas. I found everything I was looking for! Not to mention the cute bodycon skirt, and the hippy chic lace top I drooled over for weeks before finally caving and buying it. I really love this look and will be wearing it all the time! It’s perfect for the beach, the pool, and even music festivals! It really is a three ways to wear kind of deal. I can’t wait to rock my bikini body out and about! Remember… Any body in a bikini is a bikini body! 

Lace Top & Bikini Top: Torrid! Get it here:

Torrid’s cute and sexy swimwear this summer. Shop cover ups, tankinis, bikinis and more!

Red High Waist Swim Bottoms: Land’s End (Um they were $15!)

Black Bodycon Skirt: Lane Bryant

Sandals: Target

Tom Ford Knockoff Sunglasses: Ebay 

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