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Visibility is a really important thing. Being able to see people who look like you, have the same struggles as you, and who you can connect with and confide in is really empowering. I think this is most important for people who are not usually depicted in the media, or who are, but not a positive manner. 

I really want to help change that and create a safe space for those of us who are on a journey to self acceptance and body positivity. So I’m asking you guys to partake in the #loveyourchub hashtag! 

Hashtags are a really great way to bridge the gap and to share ourselves with others. I have found myself following, learning, and making friends through social media that I otherwise would of never connected with. There are a few wonderful body positive hashtags and groups but as someone who has dealt with EDs, body dysmorphia, and diets since I was very young- the presence of diet cultures in these groups can be extremely triggering.

Dont get me wrong- I’m not saying that people shouldn’t diet and share it if they so choose, but the spaces without the talk of diets, workout routines and ways to lose weight are few and far between. The entire world talks about dieting all the time, it seems. I think it would be really nice to have a place for different people and different bodies to have a space to talk about other subjects, struggles, goals, victories, and to show their lives without the pressure of diet culture  or “being more healthy” weaved in. A place with no mentioned sizes, no numbers on scales, no weighing of food, no hours on the treadmill. Just a place to have a break from that. A place to be able to share and see other bodies like your own. No shoulds, no banishing of fat. Just lots of love and stories about trying to love. 

Being body positive, learning to love, or hell, even like yourself is a really hard journey. Let’s create a space that connects us and makes it a tiny bit easier. 

Use #loveyourchub on Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram! Show us your outfits, your VBOs, your crop tops and fatkinis, your struggles, your frustrations, your new hair, your face, your life, your body, your love. Anything you like that gives you a safe space and a break from diet culture or fat talk. Let’s make this something really amazing! 

*Beautiful photo of her bodacious rolls used with consent from Jessica of Tangled Up In Lace

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