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It’s Body Confidence Week!

I hope this body confidence week you wear your favorite outfit. I hope you feel comfortable. I hope you celebrate your body, your existence,  and yourself. I hope you do some self care if you need it. I hope you treat yo’ self. I hope you smile, laugh, and do whatever it is that makes body confidence meaningful to you. 

To celebrate BCW, I am wearing my absolute favorite dress from Gwynnie Bee! They are an awesome body positive company that support your curves! This dress was something I ordered from them, unsure of the fit and the striping of the florals. So glad that I did! This dress is so fabulous, comfortable, and became such a staple in my closet that I had to buy it from them! Seriously, I could just not let it go. I wear this dress all the time. It’s the perfect thing to throw on when you’re not sure what to wear and you automatically look cute. I mean, how cool is that? I got to try it and buy it at a discounted rate! If you haven’t tried Gwynnie Bee yet, what are you waiting for? They still are doing the risk free trial, on top of lots of give aways and contests! Plus, they have a new look now, where you can browse what they offer, and the new packaging is super cute, too. Renting great clothes and a continuous wardrobe for one flat fee is like, the best invention ever! 

Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Belt: Lane Bryant

Shoes: Similar here.

Sunnies: Asos

Hat: Asos

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