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Outfit of the (Holi)Day: Happy Lumping Halloween! 

So my favorite holiday came and went. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw all my crazy decorations and my husband dressed as Miley for my big Halloween birthday party over the weekend! It was definitely a great year, and I dressed as one of my favorite Adventure Time princesses- Lumpy Space Princess! After Miss Piggy last year, I’ve been trying to keep the awesome fat girl characters going with my costumes each year, and LSP is definitely one of them! 

 I ordered almost all of this online, with the galaxy dress being a last minute purchase as the one I had ordered did not come in time! Thank god for F21 having some plus size options in certain stores. Although I had to drive 45 minutes to go to one (not cool!) I finally tried out We Love Colors with these tights, and I have to say they’re great! They were comfortable, and didn’t ride down or rip. Such a good buy. I got a pair in black for every day wear, too. I also want to mention how awesome these knock off docks are and how comfortable they are! I thought they would just be for my costume, but they’ve somehow made their way into my every day wardrobe. Also, the Kanekalon wigs are amazing! I’ve never worn such a soft, fun, and versatile wig you can use heat on for such a good price. Kind of wish I could incorporate it into my everyday wear, too. :) 

Dress: Forever 21

Shoes: DSW

Tights: We Love Colors

Wig: Amazon

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