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Outfit of the Day: New Things in Spring

Ahh! It was warm this weekend! The trees are blooming, and it’s starting to get green. What is even more exciting is I get to pull out and start enjoying the things I’ve been hoarding away in my closet all winter! So I went all in, and pulled out some flowery boho pieces to celebrate. I felt like I was blooming right along with the rest of the world. 

Another new thing- I’m wearing jeans! If you’ve been reading the blog for awhile, you know I’m sort of anti-pant. No one has mastered the art of the nice fitting jeans when it comes to my body shape as far as I’m concerned. So when Gwynnie Bee asked me to preview their new jean line that launched today, I was skeptical. I got a few pairs to try and to my absolute shock- I loved all of them! The new line is by NYDJ, which I had heard of but never tried. Can I just say- WOW. These are the comfiest pair of jeans I’ve put on. They are true to size, they have a perfect amount of stretch, so they are snug but not uncomfortable or legging-ish. I wore them the whole day and didn’t feel uncomfortable once! Usually I’m pulling and tugging at jeans, or dealing with them getting baggy throughout the day. These didn’t cause any of that, and looked as good in the morning as they did when I got home. I’m so glad I got to borrow them and give them a shot by renting through GB, but I might have to “try and buy” these babies! They’re really a great find. I will say, if you’re a tall girl- to go with the ankle pant (shown here on me as a capri! Haha.) I’m 5’11”, so you can see where these came up to on me. The legging jean is also a good find that looks nice as a cropped pant on us super tall people, but I’ll show you that later this week. :) 

So put some NYDJ in your GB closet and give them a shot! And if you haven’t signed up for Gwynnie Bee yet, they are still giving away free 30 day trials, along with tons of contests and prizes for more free fashion fun! 

Jeans: NYDJ via Gwynnie Bee

Top: F21- Similar here.

Sandals: DSW- Similar here.

Flower Crown: F21

Sunnies: Asos

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