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Big Girl in a Skinny Girl’s Fashion World

    If you were to ask me even a year ago if I were into fashion, style, or even knew the name Marc Jacobs, I would have said no. 
    I’ve been bigger my entire life, and until the past six months, I never truly knew what style was, I never though I had it, or could have it for that matter.

    Yes, I’ve worked at Urban Outfitters for almost three years now, on the forefront of the teen and young adult trend world, but I never paid any attention to it. 

    It wasn’t until I was at my first professional newspaper internship when they needed some style articles written, that I found my calling and passion. 

    Sure I’d bought Vogue here and there in the past, and remember saving an ad for red, satin, Prada shoes, but it was just a passing fad back then for me. 

    After doing some research I found this whole new world of fabrics, prints, accessories, and designer labels. 
    But it was just a pipe dream. “Big girls and fashion can’t mix,” I told myself. So I wrote my first few articles and left it at that. 

    I’ve always been extremely stubborn and have never been one to give up on anything, so I charged forward. Delving into the world of “straight size” fashion. 
    Subscriptions to Vogue, W, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar appeared on my credit card bill, and fashion blogs and Tumblrs littered my browser’s bookmarks. 

    I flipped through the pages of these iconic publications and knew I had to find a way to make a style of my own, and a new career choice.

    Up until my internship I always wanted to be a music writer, the movie “Almost Famous,” was my scripture and I wanted my byline to grace the pages of Rolling Stone. 

    I started a Tumblr account and I found another new world that I never knew existed, of “Fatshion.” 

    Blogs of girls and women my size or larger wearing some of the most recent fashions and making them their own gave me the inspiration to do what I never thought I could, have style. 

    Nothing stops these women, and you could call them my heroes as without them, I would not be where I am today. 

    I walk into my job at Urban Outfitters with complete confidence, I watch and learn from the fashions that run through there and adapt to make it fit my body type and my own style. 
    I’ve never loved my job as much as I do now, it gives me a leg up on what’s hot in the regular fashion world. 

    I can honestly say I’ve found my passion now. I want to write about the couture shows of Gaultier, the new Resort Wear lines, what’s hot in handbags and more. I want to be a messenger of the latest trends, the hottest styles and what not to wear. 

    All in size 19 jeans. 
    Although I can fervently say I will never be able to walk the streets in any of the clothing I sell at Urban, or anything by Missoni or Chanel, I will rock the hell out of their accessories, and whatever plus size knock offs I can find. 

    Because plus size girls can love fashion, even though society tells us to stay at home in our conservative, extremely boring clothing, we should all have Chanel wishes, Louboutin dreams, and make them reality. 

Submit your story at thefatgirlsguide.com/submit to be a guest blogger. 

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