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Outfit of the Day: Mad (Wo)men

When having to dress up, I really love going trendy modern, or vintage classic. This dress definitely has a vintage-y feel, urging me to don an up do and heels. I’ve been on the job hunt since graduation, and realized I didn’t have a lot of interview-savvy things in my closet post-bachelor’s. It’s been mostly jeans, tanks, oversized sweaters, and sundresses the past few years. Thankfully, Gwynnie Bee comes to the rescue! I’m able to rotate out different looks with high end pieces, without paying the high end price. I also have multiples to wear on different interviews, making me perpetually fancy and business savvy! 

This dress in particular runs a little big, and the length was slightly longer than I was hoping for. Also, the fabric is heavily lined, which gives to that expensive look and feel, but can be kind of hot in the summer! I think sized down, it is a 60’s housewife inspired dream! 

Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Belt: Lane Bryant

Sunglasses: Asos 

Shoes: Thrifted. Similar here. 

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